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I'm totally hooked, you wanna know why?
Hello Webmaster, Bloggers, Network Marketers, Journalist, Websurfers & Advertisers! I've joined a network that is helping people like you and I become the media. What they have come up with is quite revolutionary! I find it additive. It is a paradigm shift that makes advertiser controlled media obsolete! Advertisers are paid to promote legitimate products or services. Our members can invest in that advertising to increase it's circulation! Faulty products, un-reliable services and companies that "pull one over" on the public can’t survive in this system! Q. Who is going to pay people to advertise to them? A. PyraBang pays you up to 5000% to pay other people to get their message out! Just about anything you can image. The members advertise information not just products and services. They pay their visitors and readers to view information from other members. If someone views information, they pay 1/10 of a cent to the advertiser and make $5.00 per member who joins the network, plus a residual 70 cents per month! The network of 130+ websites uses "ads by Google" like embeds to spread your information and is now over 43,806,500 impressions of our members “posts.” Over 620,152 “bangs” have been invested, and we are over 1,874 members strong! Allow me the honor of sponsoring you onto the network by clicking the link: Or you can put internetgypsy in the "invitation code" field of the sign-up box on the front page. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~`` You Discover...You Post...You Profit! FREE/BASIC MEMBERS * GOLD MEMBERS If you want to make money, go Gold right away! Going Gold from the start is the best way to maximize your income in PyraBang. Usually you'll jump over a basic member or two as soon as you've gone Gold and it doesn't cost an arm and a leg to upgrade!Visit Website
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Easy Money!!! No Joke
By logging into your account, you earn a percentage of the ad revenue. Be sure to log in on a daily basis to make the most money possible! Each time you introduce someone to the Email Service, you will earn money for doing so. The more people you introduce to the service, the more money you can make. If you lead 20 members to the site and each of those members acquire 10 referrals, you earn $2,500! You will also earn money from the email advertisements that you will receive in your email account. Expect receive these ads on a daily basis. Once you?ve joined, you can begin making money immediately. Why wouldn?t you want to make money with your email account? Register now!Visit Website
Free Safelist that PAYS
The Net Connect Safelist is a daily send list. You may submit your ads once every 24 hours to all other members. Your ads can be text or HTML. With your list administration in your members area you have vacation settings, option to change email accounts, un-subscribe, re-subscribe, and more. The Net Connect List affiliate program is a FORCED 4X9 Matrix. You can earn a realistic $34,952.40 without ever paying a single cent. Another great thing is since the matrix is forced, sponsoring is not required due to spillover. If you do sponsor, it should be easier than ever because all memberships are free and you get paid! Check out the commissions chart !!! You do not have to have any specific levels filled to collect commissions from other levels!Visit Website

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