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I WILL TAKE ANY REASONABLE OFFER!!!! Item Name: Maestral Baluster Price/ea: US $85.00 with shipping a piece 350 molds 6 different designs I am selling the whole lot I need to get rid off. I just need to get rid of them I am moving to an apartment and cant take them with me make me an offer I paid $29,750 OR I CAN SELL BY 10 AT A TIME WHICH WILL BE $850.00 FOR EVERY 10 I CAN TAKE AN OFFER IF YOU ARE BUYING ALL 350 IF NOT IT HAS TO BE @ 85 A PIECE BUT NO LESS THAN 10 PIECES This info is of one of 6 designs This baluster is a design from Rococo Times 1750-1830. This scribed and lined pattern was taken from Roman columns, used extensively in the Tucsan order of column architecture. A slender yet strong appearance. Technical Information: Height: 30 inches Width: 4.75 inches Material: Self-releasing molded plastic Usage: No oiling required Readiness: Ready to use. All fasteners included Call if any questions to 863-859-9359 Home EST ask for Liz or cell M-F 9pm-11pm and Sat-Sun 9am-11pm EST or email DoUneedBalusters@aol.comVisit Website
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