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Don't touch that! Why not? High boltage
Remember Jose E. Manes on the Steve Allen Show? That was his favorite line. Well it could certainly be one of the favorite lines for those of you who have not organized your lists and ads yet. You approach it like it's going to shock you, high boltage Well this should shock you: if you don't have a list and the splash pages to put on your ad spaces you will get zero, zip, nada as far as customers opening your emails and forget about profits. Building a list is really quite easy if you have the right tools. If you don't have the right tools you stand a better change of reforming Brittany Spears. But creating a working list that will produce profit requires a few tools, training and direction. What if I showed you a place were you can get all the tools you'll need plus a whole lot more for FREE! Web site, open conference training, splash pages, rotators, ad list's so you don't have to go surfing the net looking for safe lists, and all the "stuff” you will need to get you up and running in no time. Now don't take my word for this, even though I'm a "pillar" of the community. The whole thing is FREE so you can't help but win! Just check it out and if I'm not telling the truth may the fleas of ten thousand camels nest in my neighbors beard. Well you don't think I would have them nest in mine? Do you? Besides, if you become involved as you should you get to be trained not only by the main trainers, but me also. Now isn't that special?Visit Website
Can I Pay You $12 By AlertPay
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Leads For Your Business
Do you like 100% Instant commissions? How about NO ADMIN FEES – EVER? Do like building multiple streams of income on auto-pilot? Then you’re going to LOVE InstantCashPromoCodes!!! For just a one-time 20.00 Gold Upgrade, you’ll receive 80 Promo Codes from 80 different Safelists…400 Solo Ads, 400 Banner Ads, 400 Button Ads, and 400 Text Links…ALL for just 20.00 bucks!!! That’s a 3,952.00 Retail Value for 20.00 bucks! That 20.00 is paid 100%, direct to your sponsor’s ORU Account! NO ADMIN FEES – EVER!!! Withdraw funds with your ORU VISA card 24-7! Available in 90+ Countries! 1. Earn 20.00 Instant Payments promoting your ICPC Referral Link 2. Earn 10.00 Commissions on new ORU Referrals 3. Earn Referral Commissions from 80 different Safelists in the Downline Builder 4. Use YOUR 80 Promo Codes to advertise your offers! WATCH THE VIDEO!!!Visit Website
___"Do You Want To Invest $1.00 To Gain $3125?"___
- > Hi Everyone, > > If you do, this is the place to do just that. > > Step #1 Spend 1.00 dollar from your e-gold > account to person of the 1st > position from the list. > After your payment, you will be redirected to > registration page. > > Step #2 Fill the registration form with your > username and e-gold > account number and press CONFIRM button. > You will be added to the list on the 5th > position and the users above > will be moved one level up. > > Step #3 Promote your own page (which you are > given FREE) using your > own promotion link. > > If 5 people registered under you, you'll get: 5 > x 5 x 5 x 5 x 5 x $1. = > $3125.00 > > GET started. GO for it NOW and join for $1. > > > > Thank you for looking. It is easy!!!! > > Info also in Chinese+Russian+Malay ====================================================================== > Casey >Visit Website

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