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GEEZ! This really is THE Program of the YEAR!
Oh man, you have GOT to see this: The GibLine Straight Line Revenue Sharing Program is a revolutionary new system designed to "leave no one behind". How is this Possible? Let me explain: Everyone joining the Program starts at the bottom of gibLine #I – and we mean everyone. There are no favors for the "BIG PLAYERS", everyone is treated the same. Look at it as if it was a ladder - people start at the bottom and get pushed to the top. So when everyone has the same starting point – everyone has to be pushed through by new pods starting at the bottom. In other words everyone is working with everyone else. New members AND re-entries push everyone through! It's an amazing concept that has incredible results. If you hear of someone bringing in a large group of people "THAT'S GREAT FOR EVERYONE" because it just pulls everyone through the gibLines– IT'S TRULY THE FIRST WIN, WIN, WIN…… Revenue Sharing Plan EVER created- “NO ONE GETS LEFT BEHIND" The gibLine offers a line of internet products such as domains, hosting, email accounts, live chat services, ecommerce websites, site builders, dedicated servers and more. Every gibLine member receives their own storefront to offer these products and earn commissions. These products and services further increase your revenue by retailing the most in demand IT services and products in the world. Again, on the pay plan: The gibLink Compensation plan is a revolutionary new concept in Revenue Sharing. In fact it is so exciting the gibLink administration has claimed everyone will be successful and “NO ONE WILL BE LEFT BEHIND”. The concept is based around a straight line, which we call the gibLine, that re-enters paid members to the bottom of the line so new gibLine members can be “pulled” through and also get paid. (For more details please read Pay Plan on the gibLine website) Website
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