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What is Adboardz ?

Adboardz allows you to place different types of ads on your own personal adboard.

Promote All Your Sites with 1 Link and Save Time and Money!

5 Text-Ads

5 Banners

1 RSS-Ad

1 Testimonial-Ad

Your ads will also be shown on the adboards of other AdboardZ members.

Other People will be Promoting Your Offers Too!

When you share your Branded Viral Adboard and new members join under you, your ad is also shown on their Adboard. This provides you with on-going viral advertising that grows exponentially as your downline grows!

Why AdboardZ is better

AdboardZ Builds Your Mailing List by Sending Traffic to Your Adboard.

You can email your referrals once a week. Your message will be delivered reliably thanks to our optimized mail server and clean mailing list.

HelpDesk Support for All Your Questions.

We are here to help you, our goal is to provide reliable communication, we will respond swiftly to assist you with any questions.

Benefits of AdboardZ

Fast loading Viral Traffic Adboard

Your Ads Rotated on High-Traffic Websites

Free Upgrades in our Partner Sites

Sales Credit System to Earn a Free Upgrade

If you want the best ...

An Optional 1-Time Upgrade Lets the Serious Online Marketer Access Additional Benefits.

Your Ads Rotated on More High-Traffic Websites

Your RSS-Ad Rotated on AdboardZ Log-in Page

Unlimited Admin Sponsored Referrals

More Valuable Free Partner Site Upgrades

Earn 50% INSTANT Commissions on All Referral Upgrades

All this Offered to You at an Extremely Affordable Lowest Possible Price.

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