Why adboards get disabled
Adboards get disabled when there is a problem with the email address in a member's account.

How can I re-activate my adboard ?

  • Check the reason for why AdboardZ has a problem with your email address.
  • Contact my helpdesk to request re-activation.
  • Make sure to provide a solution for the reason that caused your adboard to get disabled.

I requested re-activation but my AdboardZ is still disabled.

- Always use my helpdesk to request re-activation. This will drastically reduce the chance that your email gets blocked by spam filters.

- Email is by its nature unreliable. My reply to your questions might not reach you if there is still a problem with your email address. In this case, try contacting me on chat (provided in your account).

- Make sure to provide a valid email address that does not violate AdboardZ policy. There can be many reasons why there was a problem with your email address. Without fixing the cause of why your adboard was disabled, your adboard would get disabled again after my next news mailing.

Why don't you just delete accounts with a problem email address ?

The problem with an email address might be temporary. The member might not realize that I have a problem to contact his email address. So, rather than just removing his account, I have set up this alert system to inform him that he needs to update his email address in his account.

Why don't you notify members before disabling their adboard ?

Obviously, if I can't reach that member through his email address, the only way to let him know to keep his account updated, is through a note on the webpage.

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