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I know you're busy, but ... just for a minute do something for yourself! Close Your Eyes and enjoy a Fantasy. As you relax, envision yourself luxuriating in a bath or shower filled with the aromas of Coconut Lime or Lavender and Sage or the delicious compelling smells of your favorite fruits like apples or oranges or pears. Maybe you'd like to try something distinctly different for a change, something to make uniquely yours. How about an Ocean Breeze Bath Set or Sea Minerals or an Avocado, Olive and Lemon Bath Set? Imagine running your hands across your body. Has your skin ever felt so rich and smooth? This must be what it's like to live as Royalty! Pampered and Exotic and Intoxicatingly Wonderful! We give that to you! In fact, what you'll find at Bejaye's Things is unlike anything you'll find anywhere else! We got what you're looking for to make YOU and YOUR HOME become as stylish and individual as you want to be! From Garden Decor to Aromatic Scents to Gift Cards, Collectibles & Toys - we have it down to the perfect science between your wishes, your needs and everything in-between! Signing up for our Free Newsletter only takes a moment! We have a drawing every month and who knows? You may very well be our next winner! But, even if you aren't our next winner, you'll FEEL like one after experiencing what we have to offer you, your family and your friends! Welcome to Bejaye's Things where busy people stop First and taking that trip to Fantasyland is as close as your fingertips!Visit Website

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