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What are your citeria for joining a business network or service. Having Fun or Getting Results?
Sure I love to interact with others and participate in discussions as well business related as discussions that have nothing to do with business at all. However my main focus is to build my business by building valuable connections, building a trustworthy on-line presence and expanding my business with powerful tools and services. An other important thing for me is to have training and top level support for the tools and services I am using. After 2 years of trial and error I found programs and services that work for me and I can highly recommend. You will find the all on my APSense Business Center. I do still spend some time on other networks to expand my contacts but I use APSense to orchestrate my on-line promotions. All services I need are accessible from my ABC. Training and support is excellent on all services. The beauty of APSense it that all services are interlinked work together and enforce each other. And can be shared within APSense (180K members) and far beyond because of the sharing options and in particular the APSense brand pages. For additional advertising I use the services of the Marketers Co-op who offers marketing packages for every need and budget. For hosting and additional business tools I use AdsActly: they offer free ads and an advertising co-op but also affordable and very complete hosting packs which include the use of an auto responder, conference rooms, site rotator and more. All businesses in my ABS have been tried and tested by myself and I can really recommended them.Visit Website
I Get Paid 2 Enjoy Life
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learn yhe brazilian way
learn the Brazilian way the practiceVisit Website

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