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Recently I signed up for a new marketing program. Since it was free, I decided it was worth a look, but I did decide to wait before I promoted it anywhere but the traffic exchanges. I should have promoted it sooner. It has had a great response from the traffic exchanges I have added it to, and now the downline I have accumulated there is joining just about everything I have suggested to them. The site is called LGT Marketing, and let me tell you, it rocks. I got 2 autoresponders, with the ability to harvest the leads and promote just about anything, a traffic exchange downline builder with all the best exchanges on it, and a web page building tutorial that can't be beat. On top of all that, every Saturday there is a free training session where experts help me learn how to market better. The best part is it's ALL free. They do have several pro vesions of the program, starting with bronze at only $39 a YEAR! I am seriously considering an upgrade, but even if I don't I'm getting much more that I would have ever expected from a free program. If you would like more information, or for that matter to get your own free marketing system, visit LGT Marketing.Visit Website
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