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Don't just sit there, Do something.
Most people do nothing with the information they learn, so they do not succeed with it. DON'T be like them. When you read something, implement it! You don't have to implement everything you read, but you should make a habit of picking up the things you need to do or want to do and start a "To Do" list. I used to be a "slacker". I read everything, but I just never had time to do any of it - I was too busy reading and learning new stuff. Here's what I did to give myself a kick in the backside... First - go out and buy a whiteboard. It doesn't need to be huge. Just big enough to write some important stuff on and maybe hang on the wall where you can see it every day. Draw a table on the whiteboard with at least 3 columns and give them headings "Critical", "Urgent" and "Important". You can add more columns if needed. Insert items that are CRITICAL in the appropriate column. Items that are less critical are sorted in the other columns depending on their importance. Then each day write down new things that need to be done. As items are completed, remove them from your list. Each night before you go to sleep re-write your list of items not yet completed for the next day and re-evaluate which are more critical than others. This way you always have a running list of the most important and profitable activities you should be doing each day. Hint: Tasks that make you money are ALWAYS critical. I've been using this technique for the last 11 months and it has improved my productivity 10 fold. Many times I've got up at 3.00am and added things to the list, otherwise I forget about it in the morning. Yeah my Girlfriend thinks I'm crazy too :-) This system WORKS. Try it. You will get more done and MAKE MORE MONEY!Visit Website
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