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From a woman's point of view
Okay, Valentine's Day is rapidly approaching and you're wondering what you're going to do differently this year. As a woman, I can hoenstly tell you that the same thing year after year gets old....quick! The best thing a guy can do, especially when you have a budget, is to create a winning combination. Such a combination would look something like this: something in jewelry, and depending on how serious you are, the type of stone and metal; add a Home Interiors candle with a Bee Mine candle shade (which you can find by clicking this email); a dozen of long stem roses; a heartfelt card; and if you feel so inclined, give this to her over a romantic dinner for two. Be sure to have tissues may need them when her eyes well up from tears of joy that you went through so much trouble just for her. Guys, it doesn't need to be a 10 carat diamond bracelet to make us feel loved. Keep it simple, yet make it look complex and above all, by following the formula above, you'll make her feel special. And ladies, the candle and candle shade can work for him as long as he's a man that loves to have candles in his place. If he's a manly man and hasn't seen a candle since the power went out three years ago, then getting him a candle would be a serious dent in his ego and he may end up resenting you for it. So, log on now, and have fun shopping. You'll find so much more than just candles. You'll find Thomas Kinkade prints, sconces, lamps, florals, accessories and a complete line of Better Home and Gardens items. Take care. Call me if you need advice. My number is on the website. Sincerely, NaomiVisit Website
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