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Financial help for Senior Citizens age 62 plus
Are your funds quickly being depleted in this current economy? Do you own your own home outright or with a mortgage of less than 60% of its value? Are you at least 62 years old? We can help you enjoy your life again with a government insured HECM FHA Reverse Mortgage. There are a lot of myths about the reverse mortgage. Some of the truths are: The funds are NOT taxable. The home REMAINS your and you can leave it to your heirs. They can choose to sell it, refinance it or give it to the lender upon your demise. The funds do NOT affect Social Security. You NEVER have to make a payment as long as you live in the home. Income and credit are NOT used to qualify you for a Reverse Mortgage. We are senior citizens ourselves with a Reverse Mortgage on our own home. The last 12 years, we have devoted ourselves to helping other senior citizens. Give us a call at 931-378-7591 or email to All calls are confidential, and there is never any pressure to do anything. A reverse mortgage is not for everyone. Why not find out if it is right for you?Visit Website
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You Can Save Thousands On Your Mortgage!
Are Your Mortgage Payments Becoming More Than You Can Handle? Now you can drastically shorten the term of your loan and lower your monthly payments with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. To find out more go to www.oakcitymarketing.comVisit Website
Trouble with payments
Trouble with payments is page were you can find out, comment and report those who claim that they are going to pay you to read emails. Visit Website

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