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At last, a Splash Page Rotator for internet marketers that actually tracks everything.
There are some excellent Splash Page services available in the Internet Marketing community that help entrepreneurs to quickly get their marketing message across when using services such as Traffic Exchanges that require a very quick impact to capture their site visitors attention. Until now, however, the biggest drawback with these services and indeed, the splash pages pre-built and provided by many of the programs home-based businesses are promoting, is that it was impossible to track the CTR (Click-thru Ratio) from the Splash Pages. Those users of Splash Pages that are able, could of course create their own splash pages but this takes substantial time and a lot of web-space to create a seperate page for each program, multiplied by every Traffic Exchange or other service used. Home-based entrepreneurs will be pleased to learn that Phoenix Services (Chelt) have now unveilled their unique service that covers everything a good Splash Page service requires. * Rotate up to 10 splashes. Use just one URL to promote multiple programs. * Gain access to real-time tracking results for impressions, clicks, CTR & even referring sites. * Membership system offers a range of accounts from free to $5 per month. *Users can earn up to 50% recurring commission on all memberships purchased from their own splash page. The design of the IMScrum Splash Rotator ( discreetly notifies the viewer of the opportunity to have their own page without distracting from the main splash image promoting the members chosen program, service or product. Full information is provided online at along with full contact information, terms & conditions and privacy policy. By maintaining the entire program by hand, Phoenix Services (Chelt) ensures all members receive the highest ethical standards and attention to detail.Visit Website

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