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This incredible networking project is paying and I mean REALLY paying! If you don't want to get left behind and are serious about beginning your retirement right now, really take a serious look at this amazing opportunity that shares its revenue with the people and businesses that help build it. Following is a simple overview of how this will work... 1. Pay $150.00 and that gives you 3 Pods (you can also join with just $50). 2. This is a straight down line so no matter who sponsors them or where they are at they are going to push you through. 3. Only takes 5 coming in after you and you cycle to the next Gibline. 4. Gibline 1 pays $50.00 Gibline 2 pays $100.00 Gibline 3 pays $200.00 Gibline 4 pays $400.00 Gibline 5 Pays $800.00 Gibline 6 Pays $1,600.00, and so on, doubling every Gibline to infinity. 5. Every 90 days you go back in , so those Members (currently about 20,000) are placed under you and then you begin to really cycle fast! 6. Remember, NO ONE GETS LEFT BEHIND, no matter where you come in! 7. However, THE SOONER YOU'RE IN, THE SOONER YOUR PAYCHECKS START WEEKLY! JoinVisit Website
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It is constantly being bombarded with chemicals and processed foods we are eating, Toxins we are breathing. Drug residue and side effects from medicine and recreational drugs. You wonder why you sick!. Cleanse your entire body with the best, safest non laxative detox on the planet. Also safe for children and Seniors 100% organic Iaso Tea. **Disclaimer not recommended for nursing mothers.**Visit Website
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