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Store Owners Wanted
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Cowboy Bucks
Let's Have A Little Fun Here! Succeeding at anything starts with your First $1 Buck. Program Up-Dates: _____________________________________________________________________________ Phase One Join for only $1 Buck (10 Deep Straight Line Matrix) Phase Two $10 from Phase One (9 Deep Straight Line Matrix) Phase Three $80 from Phase Two (8 Deep Straight Line Matrix) Phase Four $225 from Phase Three (7 Deep Straight Line Matrix) Phase Five $550 from Phase Four (6 Deep Straight Line Matrix) Phase Six $1,200 from Phase Five (5 Deep Straight Line Matrix) Michael Harris 3012 Hawk’s Landing Drive Tallahassee, FL 32309-7216 850 942 8049 Make Payment TO: DARREL IWEN PO BOX 50742 BILLINGS, MT 59105-0742 406-690-8997 Email: Enter your selection below Number of entries, Phase 1 - $1.00 Per Entry ____ Phase 2 $10.00 Per Entry ____ Please include Two First Class Stamps, Send CASH or MONEY ORDER ONLY! SPONSORED BY: # 1114 Michael Harris Tallahassee, FL (Enter your information below - all lines need to be filled in) NAME: ADDRESS: CITY: STATE: ZIP: PHONE: EMAIL: You will receive one lead (which keeps the program legal) and your flyer with your ID Referrer No. There are no guarantees to the income from this program. Cowboy Bucks is a 100% In-House Opportunity. (For Member Protection) Cowboy Bucks is an ethical and honest opportunity for ALL. You must be 18 to participate.Visit Website
Promotion and money
Visit a site that has shopping, ad support, exclusive art, poems, music, games and education on almost any thing art. Click out ILLUSIONS RADIO blues rock jazz talk radio with a mary jane jimmy buffet flavor; / free 24/7 programing[live shows and posted schedule coming] Links to some of the best opportunities. Promotional advertising and support for the struggling art world: geared mainly to Pennsylvania. All this and we support the Salvation Army. Click in and visitVisit Website
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