Explanation of why this adboard was de-activated

REASON: Verify


Your mailbox uses a challenge-response system, which is not allowed in AdboardZ.


A challenge-response system is when your mailbox automatically sends a reply-email with a verification-link I have to click to confirm that I am not a spammer.

People use this to keep their mailbox free from spam. However there are serious troubles with the concept of using a challenge-response system. While the system was created to fight spam, in many cases it is a big cause of spam itself. Unfortunately, they are quite popular through services like BoxBe or SpamArrest.

Many email experts agree that challenge-response systems cause more problems than they fix. If you do use it, then make sure to use it only for a mailbox that you use for non-business purposes. Challenge-response mailboxes are not intended for joining mailinglists.

I can not in good conscience click the verification link, because I can not know if it was you who submitted your email address to my website. By clicking the verification link, I could be unwillingly spamming people. So challenge-response mailboxes are not allowed in AdboardZ.


- Disable the challenge-response system for your mailbox.

- Alternatively, use a different email address for your AdboardZ account.

- Realize that challenge-response systems are not intended to be used for joining mailinglists. You should not use them, but if you do, don't use it to join websites.

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