Explanation of why this adboard was de-activated

REASON: AutoReply


Your email address sent an automatic reply-email when it received an AdboardZ news email.


This is not allowed in AdboardZ because it causes big troubles for mailinglist owners. Imagine if all members would do this ... I would get a boatload of reply-emails for every news email I send to AdboardZ members.

Furthermore, using an auto-reply email address to join a mailinglist/website, is spamming !

By joining AdboardZ, you agree to receive news updates and possibly commercial emails from AdboardZ. You joined my mailinglist, from which you can unsubscribe by cancelling your AdboardZ account. But that does not mean you are allowed to send me your ads, since I did not join your mailing list.

Some people innocently use an auto-reply on their mailbox because they don't realize the problems it causes on mailing lists. However, most often it is done on purpose to spam mailinglist owners. That is why auto-reply can't be allowed on AdboardZ.


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